Wawrzek Niewodniczanski's Enligthenment CRUX Collections

Orginally it was just a collection of E19 (Enlightenment) ports. Over time I've started to add more related software to make Enlightenment fuller. The most promiment example is a private port of wpa_supplicant enabling scanning and other function to make it works with connman.

PortVersionDescriptionLast modified
bullet2.87-1Continuous Collision Detection and Physics Library.2018-12-29
connman1.36-1a daemon for managing Internet connections within embedded device.2018-12-29
darktable2.4.3-1open source photography workflow application and raw developer2018-12-29
econnman1.1-1enlighthenment connman client (for DR19)2018-12-29
efl1.21.1-1efl libraries2018-12-30
enlightenment0.22.4-1Enlightenment window manager.2018-12-30
ephoto1.5-1Comprehensive image/photo viewer using EFL2018-12-29
fop2.3-1Formatting Objects Processor2018-12-29
lensfun0.3.2-1library to correct optical lens defects and lens database2018-12-29
libraw0.18.11-1Library for reading RAW files obtained from digital photo cameras2018-12-29
libspectre0.2.8-1Postscript rendering library2018-12-29
luajit2.0.5-1LuaJIT (Just-in-Time Compiler) for Lua2018-12-29
python-efl1.21.0-1python binding for efl libraries2018-12-30
rage0.3.0-1audio/video player2018-12-29
terminology1.3.2-1terminal emulator2018-12-30
wpa_supplicant2.7-2User space IEEE 802.1X/WPA supplicant (wireless client)2018-12-29

16 ports

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