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    W. Niewodniczański, N. Borenstain;
    US10579617B2, filed: 2013-12-19, granted: 2020-03-03

Scientific Articles

  • Theoretical study of geometrical and nonlinear optical properties of pyridinium N-phenolate betaine dyes.
    W. Niewodniczański, W. Bartkowiak;
    Journal of Molecular Modeling 13 (2007) 793.
  • On the weak intermolecular interactions and their influence on the optical properties of unsaturated hydrocarbons. Part 1: Two-body interactions.
    B. Skwara, W. Bartkowiak, R. Góra, W. Niewodniczański, S. Roszak;
    Molecular Physics, 104 (2006) 2263.
  • First-order hyperpolarizability of pyridinium N-phenolate betaine dye: Ab initio study
    W. Bartkowiak, W. Niewodniczański, T. Misaszek, R. Zaleśny;
    Chemical Physics Letters 411 (2005) 8.
  • Theoretical investigations of the intermolecular interactions between unsaturated hydrocarbons: π-cojugated and π-cumulated oligomers.
    B. Skwara, W. Bartkowiak, R. Góra, W. Niewodniczański;
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  • Reinvestigation of molecular structure and barrier to internal rotation of pyridinium N-phenolate betaine dye.
    W. Niewodniczański, W. Bartkowiak, J. Leszczynski;
    Journal of Molecular Modeling
    11 (2005) 392.
  • Betaine dyes: molecular structure and barriers to internal rotations.
    W Niewodniczański, W. Bartkowiak, J. Leszczynski;
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  • Quantum chemical calculations of the first- and second-order hyperpolarizabilities of molecules in solutions.
    W.Bartkowiak, R. Zaleśny, W. Niewodniczański, J. Leszczynski;
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